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What is data science?
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learnbay datascience


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Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:47 am

Data science can be defined as a mix of mathematics, corporate spirit, tools, algorithms and machine learning technology that helps us to discover hidden insights or patterns from data that can be used most in the formation of big choices.

With increasing computer uses in business and personal activities every day, there is a need for smart machines that can learn human conduct and work patterns. This is leading the field of data science.

Data-science includes numerous breakthrough technologies, including deep learning, deep learning and e.t.c, as well as advances and technological developments in data-science, which have had an impact in all industries.

The increasing request for data scientists will provide an insight into the scope of data science in India.

Here are some Data science job roles-
Big data engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientist.
Data Engineer.
Data Analyst.
Business Analyst.

There are many contents available on the internet if you want to learn more about data science. But if you want an academic career in data science you will need a good institution in which you can get full data science knowledge and prepare yourself for real-world business.

Several institutes offer courses in data science, but here I would suggest Learnbay.

Provide IBM certified courses in data science.

They designed their courses based on their work and their beginners' experience. The following courses are:

1-Course in data science for managers and management

For those who have over 8 years of experience as a term manager, team leader and other highly profiled employees. They offer 15+ projects in real time.

The job prospects of the course are-
Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist
Product Manager.
AI team lead
And many more

2- Artificial Intelligence and Data Science course-

This course has 1+ years of work experience for those who have.

This course takes six months to complete.

3- Machine Learning Course on Artificial Intelligence

This course is intended for people with 5+ years of experience.

This course lasts eight months.

They offer 12+ realtime projects and capstone projects in conjunction with these courses.

They provide a comprehensive program with model building and deployment of Google along with various data science modules.

These courses offer a comprehensive program to enable you to learn more about the lessons of the classroom project.

Search Learnbay and see their courses for more details on Google.

Hope you're going to be helped!!!

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