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Version 3.0.3?
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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 5:44 pm

For me the 'researching competitiveness' takes a bit longer to obtain than the number of searches(but maybe we could get the no of searches faster from Wordtracker) btw.

Why I JUST want to have that value? If I have a list of 4000 keywords where we are in the top 30 and want to get them to top 10 the competitiveness is no issue at is all within reach to get there..we have so many pages that are on highly competitive keywords so we do not even look that the KEI to be honest we just want result and at least give it a shot..

And if I want to know the KEI I rather do that after knowing which terms I want to focus on.

So there is a a reason but the main reason is ofcourse to speed things up and I wouldn't care about this if I just checked a couple of keywords..and every chance of having a choice is a good thing in a software.

btw I think Overture 'searches' indicator is kind off, a lot of words are 0 when it isn't at all..Is there any chance to pull in Googles bars? That would be really good as an indication!

Thanks for taking your time.


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