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unusual comment in 2 columns
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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:22 pm

new to rank Tracker

I just ran an keyword search and receive a very strange comment ' Forbidden" for 5 of my keywords on 2 of the columns 1) # of searches and 2) expected visits when displayed keyword Search view (KEI)

I do not know what this means or why it was activated . I tried to do a knowledge base look-up and check other help areas, but did not come up with anything on the forbidden phrase..

Does anyone know what this means and why it came up. I have only done a couple of rank Tracker jobs before but this has not come up before.

Would appreciate any ideas and help. how to avoid in future ans such.



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Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:50 am

Forbidden status means that your query has not been processed by Google Adwords. Very likely, due to excessive querying Google has temporary blocked your IP address, which sometimes happen. but in 1-2 hours you will be able to work with Google again.

In case the problem still persists, send your project to our support team for analysis: open the project in Rank Tracker and go to Help - choose Send Project to Support and in the Commends indicate the problem.



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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:27 pm

Basically, it means you need to cool off and try again in a while

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