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Technical SEO - Improvement
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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:36 pm


is it possible to include some additional information in the technical point of view?

As example (with SEO-worth for all parties)

- PHP-Version or PHP info (Speedup with newer versions vs. security risk for older versions)
- Version of CMS (Also speedup in most version vs. security risk of older versions)
- Encoding and other stuff like gzip, fcgi etc is turned on / off (to see in a fast way the potential of speedup)

Other Points:

In the editor: Please include H-tags also.

If some pages declared as 400 or 500 etc. - an export to an text file with selectable or manual redirections for status 410 or 301. Example: If one page is old or is in old in google index and should relocated by google.

Search for Inline CSS/JS vs external CSS / JS (spaghetti coding)

Thanks. This are points in my daily work. If user want this also: Please vote.


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