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Should we disavow 10K backlinks?
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Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:47 am

I am trying to win over a potential client by reviewing the actions of their current arrangement and offer to clean things up and prove a more cohesive service.

One thing I noticed that this well known agency is doing is dubious, as far as I am concerned.

The client site in question, according to SpyGlass, has 12,700+ backlinks. 10,500+ of those links are coming from a website called - a discussion forum which is a world away from the business model of the client site in question.

Moreover, all the backlink anchors are the name of the client website in question. It is in the signature of a moderator on the backlink website. The discussions involve very graphic language and often very sexual in nature. So much so that I cannot repeat the terms here.

They are representing this client and providing these 10K+ backlinks from what I would think to be absolutely irrelevant content, not to mention inappropriate content of discussion.

More than 95% of these links are at least a 50% penalty risk, and close to 60%, according to SG. They are all Do-Follow - but I have also heard that isn't what is used to be worth. especially when coming from a site like this that has an inlink of 15, as in this case.

Should we have these backlinks disavowed?

According to Rankbrain these are absolutely worthless and the client is being fleeced as far as I can see.

Any input is appreciated.


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Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:47 am

First off, I would recommend you to verify the backlinks status of those links via Spyglass. Select all those links in your SpyGlass project workspace - click Update Backlinks and choose to update the Backlink Page Info factor.

In this way Spyglass will visit each backlink page and will verify the status of the link and will show the result under the Links Back column. This way you will see the exact up-to-date status for each link and will know exactly how many of them you need to disavow.

Secondly, if there are really so many links to disavow, I would suggest you to do this very carefully, may be disavow first a small pack of links to see how this would effect your website. If you see no drops, then you may disavow the rest of them.

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