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Rank Checker and Link Assistant
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Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 9:45 am

I have just downloaded Rank Checker and Link Assistant.
I tried Rank Checker and really love it. Thanks. I will try Link Assistant and if find it as "smart" as Rank Checker I'll order a copy.
I have just few questions :
I have tested Web CEO and found an option I haven't find in Rank Checker :
1/ When it's checking for the rank in Web Ceo there is a pause, so SE are not flooded with queries and there is no penalities.
I saw that you can add your API key, I think a pause is good. What do you think.
znewbie, thanks for your kind words regarding Rank Tracker. To answer your question: If you use a Google API key, you don't need any pauses, since using the key ensures you won't violate Google's policies in any way.

More good news: We'll add advanced human emulation into Rank Tracker 2.0, so it will behave similar to Web CEO.
2/ Is it possible in future version of Rank Checker to check the ranking in others DC and choose wich one we want : or for example ?
It seems also that Rank Checker check only for the 100 first results, is possible to check deeper ?
The next version of Rank Tracker will support more than 50 search engines including many regional ones. Also, the number of results will be configurable (100-1000).

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Page 1 of 1 [ 3 posts ]
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