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Need help with site performance please
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Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:59 pm

I have started using SEO power suite and also set up google analytic and some google ad words.

SEO Web Auditor appears to indicate the site on-page optimization has no major errors (apart from the HTTPS version of site, which I have purchased an SSL to fix).

The problem is that I note there have been targeted visits to the site from google adwords, our old site and an advertiser and yet we have not received a single inquiry from "contact us".

I am not sure if there is some major issue with visitors on different servers viewing our site properly (is it too slow, showing errors, not presenting images properly)? Or maybe something with the post from email contact ?

Checking locally, everything seems ok.

It may be a conversion issue with the content? The ads are fairly specific but maybe something missing.

Would someone mind taking a look and advising me if everything looks ok? Maybe navigate the site and send your command via the online contact form so I can see it is working.

If it is all working ok then I am looking for recommendations for a "good" online sales and marketing course or forum I could join.

The landing page on the site is

Thanks in advance



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Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:00 am

Yeah. I was really tired and frustrated when I posted this and it wasn't until I was halfway through the post that I began to wonder if this was the right forum to post this in. However, in my half-asleep state I decided to go ahead and hit the Post Now button instead of trying to copy and paste the text into a new post in another forum. And I uh... haven't updated any drivers for my mobo since I installed XP. And I realize that CPU spikes aren't all that uncommon. These don't stay at 100 for too long, but I was looking for something to blame my poor performance on. The overall system performance doesn't seem sluggish at all when doing normal windows stuff, so I don't think it's a case of "windows is a bloated piece." It's just when I try to play games that the system starts to perform worse than the P200 sitting next to it. smile

I have however, updated the drivers for my sound card. I also updated the drivers for the GF2 before I took it out. I couldn't get the latest drivers for the Radeon downloaded last night because of my crappy connection, but I would like to think that even with the included drivers I should get slightly better performance than crap. So yeah, I guess maybe this isn't exaclty an A/V problem. I'll try to find new mobo drivers and then if I still have problems I'll take my question to CPU and mobo after that. Thanks for the help, though.



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Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:16 am

Your sites conversion rate is often related to how it is constructed. If your site as contact information easy to find, pages that are not cluttered, and built with best SEO practices it will most likely have a strong conversion rate. Sometimes simple is best to increase conversions (calls, purchases, form fills, etc.). I recommend having a trusted company run a FREE analysis of your site and give you some solid your site nice Performance for very important and need to SEO.

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