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Is the getstarted pdf right
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Sussex Chef


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Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:07 pm

Hi all

Why would I want to add my competitors links to MY webmaster tools disavow?

Pdf states
"Step 1: Discover link prospects within competitors’ backlink profiles. Create
projects in SEO SpyGlass for your best ranking competitors to see where they
got their backlinks from. In a competitor’s project, hit to analyze their
backlinks’ quality. Pay attention to backlink authority factors like Page and
Domain PR (or Moz’s PA/DA), Domain Age, Link Value, etc., and identify top link
sources. Export your shortlisted links through File -> Export or by copying them
to a spreadsheet. Submit the file you created to Google Disavow Tool, and
voila - Google will know which links to ingore when deciding on your website’s

Does this make sense? waht is the benefit of adding the competitors links to disavow?



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