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Is Andrew Ng's machine learning course worth in coursera?
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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 10:10 am

Of course, it's worth paying for Coursera 's Andrew NG Computer Study course.

However, the machine training course at Coursera is very advanced. If you know about machine learning, it is better to pay.

You must learn a few things in advance of machine learning if you are about to start your machine learning course.

I would now like to ask why are you interested in learning machines?

Let me guess if you only want to learn for your interest or for the work. Am I correct?

You can take Andrew's NG course if you have already heard about Machine Learning and data science, or if not then I'd like to tell you an alternate way to enter the IBM accredited Machine Learning course at Learnbay.

Learnbay offers an apprenticeship course for graduates, non-programmees, or practitioners in technical or not-technical fields.

If you have a knowledge of programming, then the AI and ML Certificate of Learnbay will be appropriate for you. For people of around five to nine years of experience.

You can start your career with the Data Science and AI Certification Course if you are graduates or have experienced less than 5 years with no programming experience. The course involves deep learning, NLP and time series for all machine learning models.

It is quite surprising, that Learnbay's data science programmes are particularly designed for those in all realms with a high-profile job destination, such as team leaders and managers, that are more than 10 years of experience.

The Blended programme, with project sessions available in a number of different towns, including Pune, Delhi , Mumbai, Hyderabad , Chennai and Bangalore, offers the following 3 courses.

If you are a beginner or a working professional and you have no programming skills, it is an excellent place for learning machine if you are very simple to advanced in machine training with the assistance of your workplace. You can't trust and read more about this quest for Learnbay on Google.
Thanks ...

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