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Google Rank not showing my #1 position in SERPs
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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:09 pm

Here's a weird thing I just noticed and never had an issue with before:

For a selected target keyword, my home page shows up as #1 in the Keyword Difficulty tab at the bottom, yet under the Google Rank column heading in the top Keywords & Rankings area, the cell says "Not in Top 30" for that keyword.

Why is it saying "Not in top 30" when my site is ranking #1 for that keyword? A '1' should be appearing in that column. Also, there should be mention of my ranking in the local pack as well, which I am #1 in as well.


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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:10 pm

The thing is that Keyword Difficulty and ranking results are checked via different tasks. So, for example, you might checked your keyword difficulty factor some time ago and the results you see in that section are already outdated while the rank checking tasks may show the most recent positions, that is why there are such discrepancies.

but anyway, to say for sure you may send us your project for analysis: open the project in Rank Tracker - go to the Help menu - choose Send Project to support and in the comments specify the keyword you have problems with.

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