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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:45 pm

I love the multi persona and multi social network abilities of BuzzBundle... makes things much easier for a manual process... But and this is a big one... BuzzBundle could really be great if it had intelligent targeted automation built into it... It would completely destroy the competition because of its multi network and multi persona abilities.

Both offer intelligent automation which automatically interacts with other people by liking tweets, re-tweeting, following, unfollowing non followers, targeting influencers, targeted at people who are talking about keywords or keywords in bio's with filters to prevent interacting with un-wanted people.

The problem is though they only work with twitter, I think BuzzBundle could exceed at this freeing as up to focus on Curating Quality Content rather than building large followings... obviously the personal touch is able to still be there but it wouldn't require a team of people to Build the Buzz :)

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